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Q & A

Will My Flowers Change?

Yes. Flowers are made of up to 80%-90% Water. During the preservation process the liquid is removed which can cause little or drastic change in colour and shape, depending on the flower type.

How Long will they last?

That solely depends on your care. Long and the short of it... sunlight will cause yellowing over time for your resin keepsake. While sunlight AND humidity for your dried flowers will ruin them over time. Always ensure no direct sunlight can reach your keepsakes and that your dried flowers are away from humid zones in your home.

e.g: Bathrooms, kitchens and basements

Shadow Boxes: As an added precaution a special service we provide is delicately hiding a silica packet within your arrangement


Resin  --even the most premium like we use with added measures for protection-- will yellow slightly over decades. If a resin artist is telling you otherwise they are not being honest with you


How Long Does it take?

Flowers are fully preserved for a minimum of 4 weeks. A general turn around time is 6-8 weeks.

However some factors that can cause a longer timeline:

  • If you didn't book in advanced and we fit you into our preexisting schedule

  • If you order a large resin piece requiring extra layers, time and effort

  • If your don't respond or answer when questions come up or decisions are being made

  • If issues like dust happen and your resin requires extra time and effort to ensure perfection

  • If changes are made after booking or during creation

Know the Difference!

Before we begin preservation you must decide if you want any flower pressed or semi-pressed as it can not be changed afterwards. Clippings can be used but it drastically changes the look.

Thin trays, molds with a depth less than 2 inches, coasters, 4 inch Rounds and oval trays are all affected by this. 

Same Flower~ Different Method




Tight 3D


Do we accept already dry flowers?

Yes. absolutely. If the flowers are significant to you than they are to us as well.

We do recommend resin for this service as self-dried flowers are harder to place in shadow boxes due to the range of depth we are working with. However, if your mind is set on one of our Eternal Frames we have ways of accommodating. For instance, using less flowers or having a custom built frame to fit your florals dimensions. 


Resin choices are limited to the dimensions of your dried flowers. For example if you have a rose with a depth of 2.5inches it must go into a mold within that size or most of your flower will be sanded down, changing the appearance. 


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